Sunsets and Sailboats

One thing I hope to never take for granted while in Maui are the sunsets. Never again will I live in a place where there are pretty sunsets every night. Never again will I work in a store with a back deck where I can watch the sunsets every night. I hope I don't forget how amazing that is. I thought watching the sun go down was magic enough, until I tried paddleboarding on the ocean at sunset. I recently started working for a Stand up paddleboard company doing social media, marketing and a little bit of design. I get to be on the water constantly doing photo shoots, trying out their boards, and even attempting some yoga on them- not as easy as it looks. It's part time, so I can still work at Lush and do some design also. It is a perfect combination for me. 

 I crave adventure, trying new things, and facing fears. I feel like Maui provides so many opportunities for this. A couple weeks ago Ryan and I went with some work friends to Haleakala crater for ziplining. It was a special charity event, so we ended up with super discounted tickets. I was shocked at the cool temperatures up there- so refreshing coming from sweaty hot Lahaina. The ziplines were exhilarating, the company was prime, and the food after was the best part. Paia has the cutest crepe cafe in town. It resembles a romantic french outdoor cafe with candles, string lights, and comfy couches on the patio. A sunset above the clouds on the mountain, and a dinner crepe followed by a nutella dessert crepe made my entire week. 

In between my long hours at work (not complaining about because I LOVE work. It's way more fun than work), I try to find time to enjoy the beach and relax. I need time to regroup, think alone, and actually enjoy living in paradise. Here are some photos from the last little bit. Some sunsets, some sailboats, and paddleboarding. So much to be thankful for. 

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