Green for days

Adventure Sunday is one of my favorite parts of my week. It is the only day Ryan and I get together. We get to sit in church together, holding hands, and forget everything we left at the doors. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. We usually plan a fun activity for the afternoon like picnic on a hill overlooking the ocean or explore a new part of the island. Two weekends ago, we spent the day in Iao Valley in Wailuku, Maui. We were borrowing a friends car for the weekend- an electric car. I'm convinced we all need one. They are silent, smooth, fast, and just plain fun. We finally had a mode of transportation that allowed us to listen to loud music and go where we wanted to go. Pure bliss. 

Iao Valley is full of big green mountains that take your breath away. The history is that there was a battle fought in this valley many years ago, and hawaiians used the valley to hide from their enemies. The Iao Needle sticks out of the mountains, and provided a tower to spot on coming enemies. You can follow the tourists up the short concrete path to the lookout for the needle, or you can hop the railing at the lookout and continue on deep into the jungle. We took the more extreme route, of course, and were surprised to be alone for the majority of the hike. The trail is about a foot wide, so the constant slap of banana leaves, and branches scraping our legs became quickly expected. The plants and trees were beautiful! Such different scenery from the mountains of Idaho or Washington. It was refreshing. Although, sweaty. Let me tell ya! I slowly stripped down to my bathing suit, because I was dripping sweat. Who needs hot yoga, when you get the same effect walking anywhere in Maui! After an hour of stepping on strawberry guavas, and karate chopping trees in my face,  we made it out of the thick jungle. As we came up for air, we realized we were high above in the mountains looking out on the most gorgeous view- pure green hills as far as the eye could see. It was mesmerizing, and peaceful. 

I highly reccomend this short hike to anyone who wants to escape the world, the tourists, and hang out with the mosquitos. Although i came back with a few bites, it was 100% worth it. That view made me realize how incredible this island is, once again. I love you, Maui. Don't forget to grab your bug spray, bring lots of water, and shoes you can get muddy. I wore sandals  (which was fine) because I had a cute guy wash off my feet in the river. ;)

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