Sailing on a Sunday

Although we hate to work on the sabbath, there is one day month that Ryan has to be a part of the Blue Aina- an organized beach and reef cleanup that Trilogy puts on with a group of volunteers. If we have to break the sabbath, at least it is a good cause, right? I got to go with him last week to the beach cleanup at the Lanai harbor. Ryan hangs out, talks to people, and takes photos for the blog he runs for his company. It was nice that he wasn't working the sail trip, so we got to hang out and spend time together. I had never been to Lanai, so this was a fun experience! The sail from Lahaina to the Lanai harbor is about an hour using the motor. Somehow, I managed to make it the entire way without getting sick or throwing up (Last sail trip I threw up twice!) There is hope for my dream of sailing around the world one day! Yay! Lanai from the harbor side is brown, dry and totally different from Lahaina. There weren't really palm trees, but big cliffs and rocks. The water is clear and deep beautiful blue. We went snorkeling off the sailboat in these beautiful reefs full of fish, and a couple turtles. It was incredible! We helped clean up the trash at the harbor, and enjoyed a Trilogy made meal of sandwiches, stir fry, and salad. They sure know how to make a service project appealing to everyone! There were 100 volunteers that PAID to help. How generous! 

It was fun seeing Ryan in his element, sailing, talking to everyone, and running the service project. Sailing is exhilarating. I'm ready to go again! Here are some shots from our day of the sailboat, the harbor, and our captain, Caleb! Such a fun day!