Bonjour, France!

In May, I travelled to France with my aunt. We started in Avignon in the Provence region of France, then took a bus to the tiny country side towns of Apt and Gargas, with incredible bike rides to Saint Saturnin and Rousillon. We then trained down to the coast, near Marseille FR, and explored the charming beach town of Cassis and the surrounding Calanques National Park. Our last couple days were spent eating crepes and walking the breathtaking streets of Paris. I can't even say I have a favorite place because it was all so different and perfect. I can say that the beaches in the Cote de Azul is the most insanely turquoise water I've ever seen, the vineyards and valleys near Apt are way better than you could ever see in a photo, and Paris has so much to see that I could walk the city for hours and never get sick of it.

My favorite things about France:

- Their rich, thick hot chocolate

- Baquettes are ony .50 Euro - easiest/cheapest meal ever

- The Calangues Naitonal Park (obviously any beach is a fav)

- The street food - crepes, gyros, gelato

- Old, elegant buildings in Paris

- On the coast, they have happy hour at 7pm, dinner at 8 & Happy Hour actually means " go eat all the ice cream before dinner."

- McDonald's in France has jojo's instead of fries, and amazing salads!