North Cascades - Hidden Lake Lookout

When you live in Seattle, you have to plan an adventure, then just go with it no matter what the sky looks like outside or your iphone weather app. says. Sometimes you get rain (most of the time), and other times you luck out! We definitely lucked out last weekend! We set our alarms at 4:30AM, grabbed some McDonald's egg mcmuffins on the way, and dragged our tired bodies up the mountain in hopes of getting to the lookout first. We had heard it was first come, first serve and we didn't bring a tent. Lucky for us, the people who were already at the lookout let us camp out with them. It turned out to be such a cool experience! The others were great company, brought yummy food to share, and we had a warm spot to hang out on top of a gorgeous mountain range. The clouds cleared up, and we had sun most of the day. We woke up the next morning completely clouded in, but still absolutely beautiful! The hike itself was one of the best I've been on- wild flowers, mountain views, steep rocks, and fields. I'm itching to go back to the North Cascades, but our first trip was better than we could have asked for!