Travel Guide | Texas

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I felt like a giddy idiot getting on the plane to Texas, with all the butterflies and smiles in the world. After not seeing Ryan for three weeks while he was roadtripping across the U.S., I would have gone anywhere to visit him- even Texas. I was ready to face the deadly hot sweaty weather and the fatty food, and pretty much everything I really didn't care about. However, when I got there it was quite the opposite. Yeah Texas might have more than its fair share of fast food, AND heat, but there was so much more to Texas than I expected. Of course, being with Ryan made it the best 8 days I've had in a while. I got to travel in their pimped out RV for a couple nights where I had the best sleep of my life and got to lay on a couch while driving (there is nothing better) all while traveling with the funniest Irish guys I've ever met. We spent the last four nights at the Grand Hyatt.  Room Service and a rooftop pool made me feel like we were honeymooning, except it was in Texas not a tropical island! haha. We explored, ate, shopped, swam. I created a travel guide based on some of the things I loved about the cities we went to and some other top spots that make Texas worth the trip. 

F O O D : 

San Antonio

Rudy's - A local bbq joint with an authentic Texas spread. Get your brisket, creamed corn, pickles, cole slaw, potato salad and ribs. Then you lather it all in bbq sauce. Healthy options too!

Casa Rio - Traditional Tex Mex right on the River Walk under the rainbow umbrellas. Perfect spot for an evening of people watching in a great location while eating yummy tacos!

Cured - Beautiful old brick building where they serve high quality food. Definitely for all the foodies, especially if you are a sucker for a pretty meat and cheese platter. 


(maybe the best food selection second to La and NY)

Gourdough's Big Fat Donuts - Cute small eatery where you can eat the most quality calories of your life in the form of donut burgers- the donuts are the bun and it's heavenly. 

Snack Bar - Located in SoCo, this little street bar is the cutest! A good spot for a quick healthy salad

Benji's- Modern rooftop serving upscale Mexican, and famous for their fajitas. 

Perlas - The most beautiful outdoor seating to enjoy seafood and oysters in the shade. The design just blew me away.

Foodtrucks- too many to name, but take a stroll down SOCO and you'll find chicken, pitas, grilled cheese, cupcakes, etc.


Crushcraft Thai - A modern take on Thai, the restaurant is decorated with colorful flags above your head and contemporary furniture, and the food is worth the drive.

Smoothie King - Healthy smoothies that are DELISH. Get a protein meal replacement  smoothie and you'll be hooked. I chose this over food because its a nice treat on a hot day.

Nammi Truck - Vietnamese Food truck that serves Bahn Mi Sandwiches and Bowls. So good and fresh!  We spotted the truck by Klyde Park and brought it to the park for dinner while watching the outdoor concert. Two thumbs up. 

Fireside Pies - If you find yourself outside of the city close to Grapevine, hit up this pizzeria for yummy coal fired pizza in a fun upscale environment. Their menu is gold - you'll want every single thing on it. The fruit crisp for dessert will leave you feeling gooood. 

Velvet Taco - Downtown casual environment where you can order the most unique kinds of tacos from around the world. I know you are dying to try a shrimp and grits taco! 


River Walk - ( in San Antonio) Walk along the river lined with shops and restuarants. Gorgeous plants and waterfalls and ivy covered buildings, good food, live music, and malls. You'll see boats full of tourists on the river. 

The Missions - (in San Antonio) Go see the Alamo because its right there and free, but don't miss the rest of the missions. They are much cooler to see! You can take a shuttle bus from the Alamo down the road and hit up all 5. They are about two miles apart from each other. 

The Shops at La Cantera - (in San Antonio) Drive up the road towards the college if you are missing your favorite shops like I was ;) This is an upscale outdoor mall with great shops like Anthro, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and has great restaurants too. 

Hamilton Pools -  (outside of Austin) So upset we didn't get here, but if you get the chance reserve a spot early so you can swim in this cool spot. We also heard there is a cool spot called greenbelt or something along the river 8 miles past the pools. It's more secluded and has hiking close by. 

Barton Spring Pool - (in downtown Austin) A massive pool downtown where you can cool off in cold water in a beautiful location. 

Capitol Building - (in Austin) A beautiful and huge building that you can take a tour of. In the center of the city. 

SOCO - (in Austin) South Congress Street is the true definition of Austin. You'll find quirky shops, flea markets, food trucks, restaurants, boutiques. Lots to see. Home of most of the popular street graffiti. Don't miss the "I love you so much" wall ;) My favorite shops* were Cove Boutique, By George, and Uncommon Objects. *also check out "Outdoor Voices" located on 6th in downtown.

Magnolia Silos - (in Waco) Hang out with Chip and Joanna Gaines at their home goods shop, and eat lunch at the food trucks, bakery. Gorgeous outside garden and fun sights to see in a small country town in the middle of Texas. 

Klyde Park -  (in downtown Dallas) A clean modern park in the center of the city with an upscale restaurant and a burger bar. Plan to hang out all day, and grab a spot in the shade to listen to the Thursday night concert in the park during the summer. They have cool local dj's play loud music to dance to. 

Art Museums - ( in Dallas) Nasher Sculpture Museum and the Dallas Modern Art Museum are next to eat other. Beautiful buildings with cool modern art both inside and outside. 

Thanksgiving Square - (in Dallas) See the cool white church that looks like a seashell and is filled with a swirl of stained glass on the ceiling. A real sight to see and it's free!

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza - (in Dallas) A museum with exhibits on JFK's presidency and assassination at the sight of the sniper's nest. Located next to the Holocaust Museum.