June | Inspo. Board

I recently was walking through downtown Seattle and came across a new hotel. I slowed wayyy down as I walked past it so I could see through the windows. The outside of it initially caught my eye- the building is all glass windows and each floor is at a different angle, so it makes a jagged building. It is absolutely stunning how they captured the modern and sleek feel of the hotel on the outside. The inside is a mix of blacks and golds, high class touches with trendy industrial. The Thompson Hotel is easily my biggest inspiration for June. It works really well with a branding project I'm working on currently (stay tuned) that involves thin sharp angled lines and expensive colors. The thing that I love the most about this style is that it is classy, but not diamonds. It has a little bit of vintage pattern and some Eastern Culture thrown in. They use some of the most recognized contemporary materials- wood, copper, and brick and warm it up with soft suedes and sparkly light fixtures. The mix of cold and warm is something I always strive to achieve in my designs.