Winchester Mountain Lookout

You know its going to be a good hike when no one you ask has ever heard about it, and the road to get to it is not recommended due to a 8 mile rough dirt road. We took our chances, and it turned out to be an incredible hike. The road was not as bad as we expected, and it was a mere 2 miles to the top of the lookout. It's know as the hike in the North Cascades with the best reward for the least amount of effort. 100% true. The 360 degree views were unreal. We managed to get there for sunset, and wakeup for sunrise. Ryan and I slept in the lookout, but there were a good 6-8 tents pitched up there also, including our good friends who came with us. Not much like being on top of the world as the stars come out while having good conversation with new friends. 

_DSC5117 copy.jpg