Moab Roadtrip

When we were in college, we road tripped down with a group of friends to Moab, Utah for our Spring Break. We camped along the river, hiked during the day, cooked up big meals at night, and enjoyed southern Utah. Recently, Ryan and I returned to this favorite spot for a getaway just before Thanksgiving. We car camped this time inside Arches National Park, and it was a lot warmer than sleeping in a tent along the river. We had already seen all the big sites, so we enjoyed exploring and hanging out without the pressure of seeing everything. We grabbed pizza from our favorite place in town, and booked it back to our campsite to watch the sunset with dinner. Can't get much better than sunsets and pizza, can it? We climbed Double O arch, and met new friends along the way. The wind was out of control, so we enjoyed driving around and sightseeing from the car. Waking up to chilly, fresh air and views of red rock is one of my favorite things, not much compares to that feeling of freedom. Next time we will be back with mountain bikes!