Maui and I, We Get Along

Happy six months to my loving, and caring, uplifting, bright, beautiful, and reliable love-MAUI. You are the bee's knees. I don't know how I will ever leave you, you know just what I like and how to keep me happy. Thanks for the beach days, the cute honu, and the yummy fresh fish. You deserve a pat on the back for all you do. 

Ryan and I struggle day after day with the same question-Will we leave after a year or will we stay an extra few months? We are falling harder in love than we thought we would. Maui living is simple-we live with hardly anything and we are happier than ever! We get more time together and love deeper. Our marriage is stronger being on our own, and learning and growing together. We love our jobs, even though they aren't the best paying, we are saving money and enjoying everyday! I love being able to be a part of a fun environment on front street at Lush, and getting to do visual merchandising as well as marketing for our store. I also get to be a part of photo shoots for a SUP company and spend hours editing, marketing, designing, and writing content for them. Ryan spend his time on the water sailing making him a happy man. He also sits in an office with fun people designing, and feeling accomplished. We live a fun life here. However, the question still remains, will we stay or leave? There are other places I want to experience, kids to be had, money to be made, and jobs to move up in. 

Here are some of the moments we will always remember. They just keep coming. I will always love you Maui no matter what our decision will be in 6 months. Happy half way point! 

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