"It wasn't one of those 'lets wait and see where this takes us' kind of meetings...it was like a punch in the face 'you two were made for each other' type of meeting."

the beginning

Ryan and I met at school in Idaho through a mutual friend. We were at a concert. I obviously had a milkshake in my hard that I couldn't finish, and he offered to drink it for me. That was the first time we met. He was wearing a beanie, skinny jeans, and a hoodie-my type to a T in college. We later went to a dance and his dance moves made me want to be his friend. I didn't know we would later go on to being best friends. We were inseperable after the first week of meeting. We did all of our homework together and after we'd make out. It was a good three months of dating when he decided to go to Alaska to work. I think I whined a lot before he left trying to get him to stay. In the end it was a good thing. We did long distance for 6 months, during that time He flew me up to Juneau for the weekend. It was an expensive weekend, but it was also when we decided to get married. I'd say it was a good investment on his part. We got married in December 2012 in the Seattle temple. It's been the best adventure ever since. 

Where we are now

We graduated college, and moved to Maui! It was a crazy risk to take, but we are so glad we did. It was such a good decision. We are learning and growing so much here- in experience, culture, love etc. We are humbled by the way of life here. We simplified and left most of our belonging except a few clothes at home. We live in a small studio apartment right in Lahaina. Ryan works for a big sailing company on the island doing marketing for them as well as crewing on the boats. He loves it, and has some great stories to tell! I work for Lush to get out of the house. I've met some amazing people, pamper people, and learn about keeping the body and skin healthy. I also do marketing and photography for a Stand up paddleboard company. I participate and take photos for photoshoots, test out the boards, help design the new set of boards, and keep up the social and digital marketing. We won't be here forever, but for now we are loving the ocean, the sunsets, and being happy. 

Bloem Paper co. 

Bloem Paper Co. started out as a BFA project for the graphic design program at BYU-I. It started out with wedding invitations, cards, patterned paper, and wall prints. It was a learning process that I enjoyed greatly. I hope to continue designing more pieces and branching out into branding, but continuing with packaging, prints, and invites. Keep an eye out for the pieces to be for sale- COMING SOON!