June | Inspo. Board

I recently was walking through downtown Seattle and came across a new hotel. I slowed wayyy down as I walked past it so I could see through the windows. The outside of it initially caught my eye- the building is all glass windows and each floor is at a different angle, so it makes a jagged building. It is absolutely stunning how they captured the modern and sleek feel of the hotel on the outside. The inside is a mix of blacks and golds, high class touches with trendy industrial. The Thompson Hotel is easily my biggest inspiration for June. It works really well with a branding project I'm working on currently (stay tuned) that involves thin sharp angled lines and expensive colors. The thing that I love the most about this style is that it is classy, but not diamonds. It has a little bit of vintage pattern and some Eastern Culture thrown in. They use some of the most recognized contemporary materials- wood, copper, and brick and warm it up with soft suedes and sparkly light fixtures. The mix of cold and warm is something I always strive to achieve in my designs. 

May | Inspo. Board

There is obviously a theme going on right now. I can't get that beach breeze out of my head. I've been so inspired by muted tones, retro surf images, ocean patterns, and surfboard designs. Maui was such an inspiration for me- just the island lifestyle. Hawaii is surfing, clear blue water, soft sand, laidback and friendly demeanors, simple living.  I'm currently working on a project where I get to channel all of my positive feelings about the Hawaiian lifestyle into design. These images are just a taste of what's floating around in my head. 

Wall Art : Driftwood Part I

You know those crafty wives who make signs all over their house for Christmas, little stuffed pumpkins made from socks for halloween, painted wood with quotes on them? I am not at all that wife. That is not my thing. I like clean, modern, sleek, mixed with a little bohemian. I go to Free People's blog for my inspiration. Thanks to them I was able to make this little piece for our tiny apartment wall. Our apartment isn't bigger, or have less sand on the floors, but hey, at least it feels more hom-ey! I found all the driftwood at a beach near our house, had the paints in my art collection. They are just acrylic paints, nothing special, but they added a lot to the wood. 

I started by laying out the wood in the order I wanted it. I wanted it to be mixed lengths, rather than long to short or vice versa. I used string to tie together one side, then added some extra string for the hanger, then went and tied up the other side. I painted the stripes at the very end, but it might be smarter to paint at the beginning. And Voila! A little bit of beach in our home (besides the sand in my sheets). 

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Design Inspo

Lately, I have been searching for inspiration for designing our apartment. I want something light, minimalistic, but eclectic and earthy. I collected drift wood at the beach for some home decor projects. I will post the finished product soon, but here is my inspiration. While everyone is starting to decorate for halloween and the holidays, I'll be embracing our beach backyard and bringing the ocean vibes into our home. Can't wait!