The Gang's All Here!

We took family photos a few days ago while everyone was home for the holidays. Sarah & Keegan flew in from Idaho, Ben & Kayla came from down the road, and Ryan & I came from visiting his parents in Utah. It's the first time we've been together since Sarah and Keegan got married. Taking group photos is tricky, especially when you take them with self timer. After this experience, I suggest taking them when it's warmer than 35 degrees outside, letting people wear whatever they want, picking a location beforehand, and get an actual photographer.  Love these people. Everytime we are together, someone is crying from laughing so hard, we eat too much junk food, eat out a few too many times, go see all the movies playing in theater. We end up being forced into playing a board game that goes on far too long, making fun of our technologically impaired parents, snap-chatting embarrassing videos of each other to all our friends, and laughing at mom cry over movies that are barely considered tear jerkers. Can't believe the holidays are over, and everyone has left. It always goes by too fast.