Don't fall in the Blowhole

October is almost over. I have done literally nothing involving pumpkins, fall, scarves, or parties. And absolutely NOTHING with chocolate. What is wrong with me?! I am dedicating my last week of October to constant fall everything! I love this month and I don't want to miss out! Pumpkin milkshakes, here I come. ALSO, Halloween in Lahaina will be in my next blog post. Thousands of people on the same street-NO idea what to expect, but I'm bringing something to ward off all the drunk nudies, like pepper spray or a sword.

Lately, Ryan and I have been busy with work. Lush is closing down for renovation for three weeks, so I was busy packing the store up. I can't believe how much I miss going to work. Not just for the money, but the people and the tourists. It is such a rewarding, and happy job. I love talking to people from around the world, as I scrub their feet! They really open up, and you become immediate friends. I love how Lush educated their employees constantly. I have literally memorized the ingredients in every product in the store, and what exactly each of those ingredients does for the body, hair, skin etc. It is fascinating! Who knew that seaweed made your skin soft, and papaya has enzymes that eats away at dead skin?! Nerding out! 

A few weeks ago, a couple came into Lush, and as I scrubbed their feet we learned we have a lot in common. Besides the fact that they were also Washingtonians, they had just moved to the island for an adventure and work before they settle down with a family. I was so excited for married friends, so we exchanged contact info. The other day we finally hung out. Ryan had to work, but I grabbed my friend instead. We rode our scooters/motorcycle to Honolua Bay. This bay is famous in Maui for it's clear, deep water and coral for snorkeling. Although, the day we went it was murky- still beautiful and fun! The jungle you have to walk through to get to the bay is one of my favorite parts. It is absolutely gorgeous- vines, tall trees, fruit trees, a stream. 

We hit up the blowhole after. It's in the most beautiful location on Maui. Right on the ocean, with cliffs, and rolling green hills in the background. I highly suggest taking the Highway all the way around the island to the west point for any tourist. The drive is windy, but right along the coast and absolutely breathtaking. The blowhole was pretty weak this time around. Usually it shoots up like 30 feet high, but today it was spitting rather than barfing up the water. I love the sign next to it that says not to get too close or you will be sucked in and die. Then there are a bunch of crosses. The hole is like a foot in diameter...I don't understand how someone could just fall in? They probably thought it was a water slide, and jumped in. Dang tourists. 

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Wild Chickens at Hololua Bay