Never Stop

It's been about three months since I graduated college, and took the plunge into the "real world." Although Maui isn't exactly that real world we talk of, it was a big step for us. We had to leave our families, friends, and move to a new place we hadn't even vacationed in before. We didn't have much in our bank account, no car, and didn't know anyone. We have learned more than I could have imagined in this short time of living in Lahaina. I have seen emotional growth in myself, our relationship strength skyrocket, and watched as my husband pushes himself everyday to work long hours doing things he never thought he had the ability to do. One of the goals I want to accomplish this year in Maui is to develop consistency in my personal life. I guess you could say I have commitment issues (getting married was easy), working out, blogging, keeping up with people, keeping my mind sharp in design and worldly happenings...not so much. I want to commit to doing all of these things until they become routine. I have amazed myself with what my body can do when I push it to its limits. I am finally at the point where working out isn't such a chore-I can see results, and feel them in my moods. Next obstacle is keeping up to date with blogging and people, so here we go! Another blog post! 

My thoughts on working out, eating healthy, and becoming a better YOU! Blogging is more of a journal for me, so pardon the rambling. 

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I only love it at night when there is a nice, cool breeze, I'm alone, and I have loud music. Running is the best when I am in a bad mood, annoyed, stressed, sad. It always makes me feel rejuvenated, and ready to brace the world. In Maui it is never cool, I'm never alone, and its Hawaii, so let's be honest, I'm never sad or angry. Therefore, I needed to find something better than running, so I tried pilates and I'm hooked. It allows me to blast my trance/dance music in my apartment and it's fast paced exercising. I found a youtube channel that has High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). This means you work your butt off for 30 seconds, and then you get 10 seconds off for an hour. By the end, my heart is up and I'm dripping sweat (even with a fan pointed on me the entire time!) The youtube channel is called fitnessblender ( They are a husband and wife team who post videos with every type of pilates/yoga/cardio workout for all body parts. I highly suggest it to anyone who is in shape or completely out of shape, like I was. Today I did their kickboxing video, and boy are my arms are feeling it! I switch between different videos, based on what I'm in the mood for. 

When I don't do video, I go to the beach and swim, paddleboard (great ab exercise!), or just go on a walk and sweat my butt off. Eating healthy in Maui is a struggle. I'm telling you, it's near impossible for me. The food here is way too yummy, not to mention my sweet husband brings me jamba, shave ice, ice cream etc to work for me. Oh well, I will never give up my treats, especially ice cream. It's necessary for my happiness! 

Here are my favorite healthy snacks I love: 


Chia seeds, acai berries, fruit, granola, honey, coconut. I could live off of them. Just mix the acai berries with almond milk for a smoothie type base and top it with the rest.


Grape tomatoes, mozzi cheese chunks, and balsamic vinagrette dressing. The easiest, fastest snack. It's so good! I'll throw some wheat crackers with it if I'm pretty hungry.


Buy it at Costco. Chia granola, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, choc. chips, cranberries. Great sweet and salty combo, and it fills me up.Throw it over greek yogurt. 


They sell these at a little tourist shop down the road. I crave them! Whole wheat tortilla filled with sprouts, lettuce, hummus, cheese, carrots, tomatoes, avocado.


I make these all the time with whatever is in the fridge. Brown Rice, whatever veggies you have (I love bell peppers, tomatoes, green onions, carrots, and edamame), usually I throw in black beans also. Salt and Pepper it. So Good! You can add fresh pineapple too and it's soo good-gives it a sweet salty taste that I love. 

There are days that I feel like I'm not moving forward. The only thing that gives me satisfaction is checking things off the list, keeping myself busy. I go through my day working out, cleaning, eating meals, making sure husband is happy, pay bills etc. These things are all good and make me feel accomplished, but they don't make me better. They are things I have to do. The only thing that pushes me upward on the path to a stronger me is reading the scriptures, praying, serving others, and taking time to learn and educate myself. Life is all about prioritizing. So many choices everyday, but where we go and who we are going to be in the future depends on our decisions now. We have to decide what our priorities are and how they will affect the future. I have to remind myself that I am growing everyday, with every good and bad decision I make. I just have to make sure my bad decisions make my stronger, rather than bring me down.