Winchester Mountain Lookout

You know its going to be a good hike when no one you ask has ever heard about it, and the road to get to it is not recommended due to a 8 mile rough dirt road. We took our chances, and it turned out to be an incredible hike. The road was not as bad as we expected, and it was a mere 2 miles to the top of the lookout. It's know as the hike in the North Cascades with the best reward for the least amount of effort. 100% true. The 360 degree views were unreal. We managed to get there for sunset, and wakeup for sunrise. Ryan and I slept in the lookout, but there were a good 6-8 tents pitched up there also, including our good friends who came with us. Not much like being on top of the world as the stars come out while having good conversation with new friends. 

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Three National Parks in Three Days

Canada has the best National Parks - it's just a fact. Nothing compares to the Canadian Rockies. Ryan and I went to Banff over a weekend in college and had the best time - some of our favorites memories, so we decided to go back. Honestly, it was almost just as good as the first time. It's just a cool place, so much to see, so relaxed and clean. We car camped in parking lots every night, ate gniocci for dinner. We drove probably 30 hours (Ryan drove the whole time ;) over the course of the 3 days, but it was so worth it. We started at Yoho National Park, made our way to Banff - which was beyond crowded, then took the Icefields Parkway up to Jasper. There is nothing like camping trips together. I love not showering for days, except for washing off our bodies in the information office bathroom sinks. I love cooking our dinners on the trunk of our car, and eating next to a lake. I love that we always find a nice restaurant between our canned food meals, and a place to go shopping. That's my ideal roadtrip. 


Bonjour, France!

In May, I travelled to France with my aunt. We started in Avignon in the Provence region of France, then took a bus to the tiny country side towns of Apt and Gargas, with incredible bike rides to Saint Saturnin and Rousillon. We then trained down to the coast, near Marseille FR, and explored the charming beach town of Cassis and the surrounding Calanques National Park. Our last couple days were spent eating crepes and walking the breathtaking streets of Paris. I can't even say I have a favorite place because it was all so different and perfect. I can say that the beaches in the Cote de Azul is the most insanely turquoise water I've ever seen, the vineyards and valleys near Apt are way better than you could ever see in a photo, and Paris has so much to see that I could walk the city for hours and never get sick of it.

My favorite things about France:

- Their rich, thick hot chocolate

- Baquettes are ony .50 Euro - easiest/cheapest meal ever

- The Calangues Naitonal Park (obviously any beach is a fav)

- The street food - crepes, gyros, gelato

- Old, elegant buildings in Paris

- On the coast, they have happy hour at 7pm, dinner at 8 & Happy Hour actually means " go eat all the ice cream before dinner."

- McDonald's in France has jojo's instead of fries, and amazing salads! 


Highlights 2016

Twenty sixteen was a roller coaster for us. It was full of unknowns, let-downs, learning experiences, and challenges. Amidst all of that, we found room for pizza nights, sunset drives, quick getaways, and the beach. I don't know how we would survive without those things. I don't want to look back on this year as a struggle, I want to be able to remember the things we gained that will help us in our future trials, and the moments of happiness that we had. Here are some of the highlights. I've never been so ready for the New Year, but bring it on 2017! I pledge to healthier homemade meals, a clean happy apartment, a grand adventure, more kisses, to get my yoga mat out again, less Netflix, more journaling, more designing, and more service to others. 


Oregon Coast // Maui // San Francisco // Texas // Whistler, BC //  California // North Cascades NP

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North Cascades - Hidden Lake Lookout

When you live in Seattle, you have to plan an adventure, then just go with it no matter what the sky looks like outside or your iphone weather app. says. Sometimes you get rain (most of the time), and other times you luck out! We definitely lucked out last weekend! We set our alarms at 4:30AM, grabbed some McDonald's egg mcmuffins on the way, and dragged our tired bodies up the mountain in hopes of getting to the lookout first. We had heard it was first come, first serve and we didn't bring a tent. Lucky for us, the people who were already at the lookout let us camp out with them. It turned out to be such a cool experience! The others were great company, brought yummy food to share, and we had a warm spot to hang out on top of a gorgeous mountain range. The clouds cleared up, and we had sun most of the day. We woke up the next morning completely clouded in, but still absolutely beautiful! The hike itself was one of the best I've been on- wild flowers, mountain views, steep rocks, and fields. I'm itching to go back to the North Cascades, but our first trip was better than we could have asked for! 



My soul belongs in California. I love everything about it (except the high cost of living!). The beaches, coastal drives, the food, the architecture, style, the people, and the fact that you can get every surfing and skiing within a couple hours of each other! Plus, its sunny everyday you wake up (big one for me- Or I will just sleep til noon!) We spent a long weekend in CA this summer, and it was the best! Thanks Anna for graduating, so we could party! We went for Coldplay at the Rose Bowl, and packed in a beach day, Hollywood celeb stalking, Disneyland, swimming, and lots of yummy food also! One day, I will live in California (mark my words!), and have little beachy babes, and live in the sun all day, everyday! 


Griffith Observatory in LA

Amaze Bowls (Acai Bowls prettier than the rest) in LA

Pineapple Dole Whip at Disneyland

Blue Star Donuts on Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach

Venice Canals

Santa Monica Pier

Manhattan Beach Walk



My home away from home. We've been coming here since I was a baby. We have memories of sitting in the gondola that was inside Mcdonald's and eating our overpriced Canadian burger and fries. We have our favorite parks - "The treehouse park" and "The helicopter park," and we always made a trip to the indoor water park and after, we walked across the hall to the ice skating rink. After 10 years, we are finally back together in Whistler- but this time, we brought our spouses to share it with. I can't wait to share this place with my kids one day. 

We hit up some new restaurants this time (Creekside! The sister to our fav pizza joint in Maui, Flatbread). We spent a lot of time laying out in the middle of Lost Lake, and rode the gondola back and forth on Peak to Peak. Just being with these people was the best. I'm still crossing my fingers that we all live in the same state for a minute in our lives. We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from our condo, and explored the Olympic event locations from a few years ago. It was fun being in a place full of travelers from around the world, as the world came together in Brazil. 

Ryan and I did the Wedgemount Lake hike in the Garibaldi Provincial Park a couple days before the rest of the crew arrived. After the first 1/8th of a mile, I was about to turn back because it was so hard. But, we perservered and made it (probably a couple hours later than most people take). It was so worth it! Most gorgeous view of a glacier blue lake, waterfalls, glaciers in the distance, and unreal mountains. The most incredible hike I've ever done, hands down. I can't say I'll ever do it again though, unless I get into marathon shape. 

July | Inspo. Board

I have been really inspired lately by nature (Must be that it is finally warm enough to be outside!). I love the look of design that uses organic shapes inspired by plants and flowers, but also the look of typography that uses nature literally. Soft lines and curves and perfectly imperfect design has real beauty to it. I think we get so wrapped up in getting things done inside that we forget to look outside for inspiration. The world is so perfectly crafted and incredible, we have to enjoy it - especially when the sun is shining! 

This is Summer

Summer to me is waking up to the sun, warm nights eating dinner on the patio, days spent on the dock at the lake, and of course, some good 'ol PNW hiking. We wanted to go on a backpacking trip to the North Cascades, but the weather didn't work out on that side of the state, so we opted for a day trip to Snow Lake. Although it wasn't hot enough to jump in, it was perfect hiking weather. It's amazing that within 3 hours, I can go from our house to way up in the mountains in a quiet place away from everyone. Snow Lake is located about 4 miles up from Alpental at Snoqualmie Pass. The hike itself was way easier than I thought, and in such a gorgeous setting. The lake is blue blue and so clear! We ate lunch- Sammies from PCC of course, surrounded by mountains and talking about our future. My favorite way to spend the day with my hubs. Next time we have to camp and hopefully make it to gem lake! 

7 | 16 MIX TAPE


Been listening to this one non stop. It is the only thing that gets me through my stair runs every other day. Otto Knows is my current fav DJ- this guy puts me in a good mood. Listen to this summer mix for a good time. 


1 | We Had Everything - Broods

2 | Paradise (Radio Edit) - Benni Benassi, Chris Brown

3 | Back Where I Belong - Otto Knows, Avicii

4 | Safari (Radio Edit) - Sir Felix

5 | Been A While - Sam Feldt

6 | Land Down Under - Chachi, Paige

7 | Dreams - Campsite Dreams

8 | Dying for You - Otto Knows, Lindsay Stirling, Alex Aris

9 | Until You Were Gone - Chainsmokers, Tritonal

10 | Reality (Rough Traders Radio Edit) - Lost Frequencies 

11 | False Alarm - Matoma, Becky Hill

12 | Uizicht - Bakermat 

13 | Wave Goodbye - Robin Schultz

14 | Talking About Love - King Arthur 

15 | Wild Mustang - Yellow Claw

16 | I Love it When You Cry - Steve Aoki 

17 | Kiss Me - Rebel, Sofie Simmons 


Listen to it here

Travel Guide | Texas

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I felt like a giddy idiot getting on the plane to Texas, with all the butterflies and smiles in the world. After not seeing Ryan for three weeks while he was roadtripping across the U.S., I would have gone anywhere to visit him- even Texas. I was ready to face the deadly hot sweaty weather and the fatty food, and pretty much everything I really didn't care about. However, when I got there it was quite the opposite. Yeah Texas might have more than its fair share of fast food, AND heat, but there was so much more to Texas than I expected. Of course, being with Ryan made it the best 8 days I've had in a while. I got to travel in their pimped out RV for a couple nights where I had the best sleep of my life and got to lay on a couch while driving (there is nothing better) all while traveling with the funniest Irish guys I've ever met. We spent the last four nights at the Grand Hyatt.  Room Service and a rooftop pool made me feel like we were honeymooning, except it was in Texas not a tropical island! haha. We explored, ate, shopped, swam. I created a travel guide based on some of the things I loved about the cities we went to and some other top spots that make Texas worth the trip. 

F O O D : 

San Antonio

Rudy's - A local bbq joint with an authentic Texas spread. Get your brisket, creamed corn, pickles, cole slaw, potato salad and ribs. Then you lather it all in bbq sauce. Healthy options too!

Casa Rio - Traditional Tex Mex right on the River Walk under the rainbow umbrellas. Perfect spot for an evening of people watching in a great location while eating yummy tacos!

Cured - Beautiful old brick building where they serve high quality food. Definitely for all the foodies, especially if you are a sucker for a pretty meat and cheese platter. 


(maybe the best food selection second to La and NY)

Gourdough's Big Fat Donuts - Cute small eatery where you can eat the most quality calories of your life in the form of donut burgers- the donuts are the bun and it's heavenly. 

Snack Bar - Located in SoCo, this little street bar is the cutest! A good spot for a quick healthy salad

Benji's- Modern rooftop serving upscale Mexican, and famous for their fajitas. 

Perlas - The most beautiful outdoor seating to enjoy seafood and oysters in the shade. The design just blew me away.

Foodtrucks- too many to name, but take a stroll down SOCO and you'll find chicken, pitas, grilled cheese, cupcakes, etc.


Crushcraft Thai - A modern take on Thai, the restaurant is decorated with colorful flags above your head and contemporary furniture, and the food is worth the drive.

Smoothie King - Healthy smoothies that are DELISH. Get a protein meal replacement  smoothie and you'll be hooked. I chose this over food because its a nice treat on a hot day.

Nammi Truck - Vietnamese Food truck that serves Bahn Mi Sandwiches and Bowls. So good and fresh!  We spotted the truck by Klyde Park and brought it to the park for dinner while watching the outdoor concert. Two thumbs up. 

Fireside Pies - If you find yourself outside of the city close to Grapevine, hit up this pizzeria for yummy coal fired pizza in a fun upscale environment. Their menu is gold - you'll want every single thing on it. The fruit crisp for dessert will leave you feeling gooood. 

Velvet Taco - Downtown casual environment where you can order the most unique kinds of tacos from around the world. I know you are dying to try a shrimp and grits taco! 


River Walk - ( in San Antonio) Walk along the river lined with shops and restuarants. Gorgeous plants and waterfalls and ivy covered buildings, good food, live music, and malls. You'll see boats full of tourists on the river. 

The Missions - (in San Antonio) Go see the Alamo because its right there and free, but don't miss the rest of the missions. They are much cooler to see! You can take a shuttle bus from the Alamo down the road and hit up all 5. They are about two miles apart from each other. 

The Shops at La Cantera - (in San Antonio) Drive up the road towards the college if you are missing your favorite shops like I was ;) This is an upscale outdoor mall with great shops like Anthro, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and has great restaurants too. 

Hamilton Pools -  (outside of Austin) So upset we didn't get here, but if you get the chance reserve a spot early so you can swim in this cool spot. We also heard there is a cool spot called greenbelt or something along the river 8 miles past the pools. It's more secluded and has hiking close by. 

Barton Spring Pool - (in downtown Austin) A massive pool downtown where you can cool off in cold water in a beautiful location. 

Capitol Building - (in Austin) A beautiful and huge building that you can take a tour of. In the center of the city. 

SOCO - (in Austin) South Congress Street is the true definition of Austin. You'll find quirky shops, flea markets, food trucks, restaurants, boutiques. Lots to see. Home of most of the popular street graffiti. Don't miss the "I love you so much" wall ;) My favorite shops* were Cove Boutique, By George, and Uncommon Objects. *also check out "Outdoor Voices" located on 6th in downtown.

Magnolia Silos - (in Waco) Hang out with Chip and Joanna Gaines at their home goods shop, and eat lunch at the food trucks, bakery. Gorgeous outside garden and fun sights to see in a small country town in the middle of Texas. 

Klyde Park -  (in downtown Dallas) A clean modern park in the center of the city with an upscale restaurant and a burger bar. Plan to hang out all day, and grab a spot in the shade to listen to the Thursday night concert in the park during the summer. They have cool local dj's play loud music to dance to. 

Art Museums - ( in Dallas) Nasher Sculpture Museum and the Dallas Modern Art Museum are next to eat other. Beautiful buildings with cool modern art both inside and outside. 

Thanksgiving Square - (in Dallas) See the cool white church that looks like a seashell and is filled with a swirl of stained glass on the ceiling. A real sight to see and it's free!

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza - (in Dallas) A museum with exhibits on JFK's presidency and assassination at the sight of the sniper's nest. Located next to the Holocaust Museum.





6 | 16 MIX TAPE

Photo via Refinery 29

Photo via Refinery 29

I saw a teenager driving down the road yesterday full on dancing, using every body part somehow, just jamming out to his music and enjoying life. That might have had something to do with the fact that its school's out for the summer, but I could totally relate to him! I lovee dancing to loud music in the car- even alone. It is the only way I can get through the awful Seattle traffic and weather. Sometimes Ryan and I just drive around the block to listen to new music. I love love love dancing, and car dancing might be my strongest form of it. So here's to our cars, a cozy place to dance like nobody's watching and gettin' crazy with it! This is my favorite playlist for road tripping and just driving around the block:

1 | Embrace (Le Youth Radio Mix) - Goldroom

2 | Don't Let Me Down (W & W rexmix) - The Chainsmokers (my fav running song)

3 | Wild Horses ( Sam Feldt Remix) - Birdy

4 | The Ocean - Mike Perry 

5 | Sing Me to Sleep - Alan Walker

6 | This One's For You (feat. Zara Larsson) - David Guetta

7 | Hey - Fais 

8 | Red Lights - Tiesto

9 | Capsize - FRENSHIP

10 | Final Song - MO

11 | Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

12 | Jackpot - Jocelyn Alice 


Jam out to it here 



June | Inspo. Board

I recently was walking through downtown Seattle and came across a new hotel. I slowed wayyy down as I walked past it so I could see through the windows. The outside of it initially caught my eye- the building is all glass windows and each floor is at a different angle, so it makes a jagged building. It is absolutely stunning how they captured the modern and sleek feel of the hotel on the outside. The inside is a mix of blacks and golds, high class touches with trendy industrial. The Thompson Hotel is easily my biggest inspiration for June. It works really well with a branding project I'm working on currently (stay tuned) that involves thin sharp angled lines and expensive colors. The thing that I love the most about this style is that it is classy, but not diamonds. It has a little bit of vintage pattern and some Eastern Culture thrown in. They use some of the most recognized contemporary materials- wood, copper, and brick and warm it up with soft suedes and sparkly light fixtures. The mix of cold and warm is something I always strive to achieve in my designs. 

Peonies and Graduates

Anna graduated from High School, making my parents officially old-silver lining is that there won't by piles of shoes and homework in every room of the house ;) I, on the other hand, will probably start to miss the messy kitchen and missing clothes because that means Anna's around. She left today and I miss her already, but I'm so excited for her because she is going to rock college! We celebrated her graduation at Hot Cakes (If you go, you have to get the Salted Caramel's one of my top favorite desserts of all time). 

Ryan has been gone for two weeks now- on a road trip around the country traveling with two Irish guys working for a Diabetes convention. Time was going by fast, until today. Now I don't know how I'll get through the next few weeks! I miss that boy! But, I went to Pike Place by myself and ate all the mini donuts I wanted - eight to be exact- without someone whispering in my ear about the consequences of eating pure fat hahaha. You can come back now, Ryan! 

It's peony season at Pikes, my favorite time of the year. Seattle, you make me proud in the Summer. Except tonight, when it hailed...what? 




San Francisco, baby!

I love love cities. I love that you can walk down the street and see everyone in their own daily routine, living their life in their own skin. So much individuality in a city, especially San Francisco! This city has it all. On our way back from Hawaii, we stopped in SF for a 14 hour layover. Because we got there at 3am, we slept on the airport floor for a couple hours then grabbed an uber into the city. After a couple miles of walking along the waterfront with the dog walkers, more ubering, shopping, and more walking we went back to the airport to crash before our flight. Highlight of the day was seeing whales below the Golden Gate Bridge, and the bite of Ryan's heavenly avocado grilled cheese from a trendy little cafe. 


May | Inspo. Board

There is obviously a theme going on right now. I can't get that beach breeze out of my head. I've been so inspired by muted tones, retro surf images, ocean patterns, and surfboard designs. Maui was such an inspiration for me- just the island lifestyle. Hawaii is surfing, clear blue water, soft sand, laidback and friendly demeanors, simple living.  I'm currently working on a project where I get to channel all of my positive feelings about the Hawaiian lifestyle into design. These images are just a taste of what's floating around in my head. 

Travel Guide | Maui, HI

I've had a lot of people ask about the best places to see and eat on Maui, so I made a travel guide that covers all of mine and Ryan's favorite things on Maui- some local hot spots, a few tourist attractions, and some hidden gems. If you are going to Maui with your significant other or your entire extended family, this list has something for everyone. Don't waste your time or money on mediocre- there are too many amazing places on Maui to settle. 

| F O O D |  

If you want a casual, filling breakfast: 

Mala Ocean Tavern- Weekend brunch. They only serve breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays until 3pm. Eggs Benny, Caramel French Toast, Chilaquiles overlooking the ocean. My favorite way to start the day. On the pricier end, but worth every cent. 

808 Grindz- Local Favorite. Cheapest Hawaiian style breakfast on the island (I'm talking less than $10 for more food than you know what to do with), hole in the wall. Expect a long line. I recommend the macadamia nut pancakes with the sweet cream sauce. 

The Gazebo- Most popular breakfast spot on the island for tourists. There is usually a line, but its worth it. I LOVE their white chocolate mac nut pancakes with coconut syrup and butterscotch whipped cream, and the fried rice (be warned, a half portion of fried rice will feed a village). Overlooks the water at Napili Bay.

The Bakery- a hidden gem back by Taco Bell in Lahaina. Go before 9 to get the best French pastries and malasadas. Hole in the wall. You'll know where it is by the giant mixer outside.

TaquerEATa- Taco truck in Lahaina, on Wainee St. off Front street. Breakfast tacos for cheap from a trendy truck. 

If you need a quick, casual lunch or mid day snack: 

Honokowai Fish Market- The BEST $4 Baja Fish tacos! I crave them all the time. Small, hole in the Wall, about a 10 minute drive from Kaanapali Beach. You can also pick up fresh fish to serve up for dinner.

Choice Health Bar- Hit up this local favorite in Lahaina for the BEST Acai bowls. $12 for a shareable size bowl. They also have healthy salads, smoothies, and kombucha on tap. 

Baya Bowls- Food truck for Acai bowls (open Tuesday-Sunday 8-3:30pm) on Wainee street off of Front street. Cheap, yummy Acai bowl with homemade coconut and lots of toppings.

Ululani's Shave Ice- Best Shave Ice on the island. Don't forget the haupia ice cream on the bottom, and the sweet and condensed milk on top. The Coconut Lovers is my favorite. 

Cafe Cafe- I love this little european coffee shop right next to Front street for their acai bowls, and their bagel sandwiches. Great for a snack or breakfast. They also rent scooters for the day. 

Paia Fish Market- Yummy fish tacos, fish sandwiches, and anything fishy. Located in Paia, but coming soon to Lahaina. 

If you want a casual, family- friendly dinner: 

Flatbread Pizza- Possibly our favorite place on the island. Get the "MOPSY," BEST PIZZA YOU WILL EVER EAT. Kalua pork, fresh pineapple, bbq sauce and goat cheese. Can't get better. Located in Paia. 

Cool Cats- Best burgers and shakes with a diner feel. At least one of us always got the burger of the month, and we almost always loved it! Located right on Front street across from the Banyon Tree. Great vibes, usually live music in the evenings. 

Leoda's Pie Shop- One of our tops! So fresh and yummy! They have pot pies, sweet pies (peanut butter and chocolate Mac are the best!), salads, burgers, sandwiches, everything! I love their salads, fries, and Reuben sandwich. Farm house vibes In Olowalu, close to Lahaina. Get it to go and hit up the beaches on the side of the road. 

Frida's- A little bit pricier, but worth the money for quality Mexican/Spanish style food. Newer restaurant, right on the water in Lahaina with great vibes. You can't go wrong here- all of the food is incredible! 


If you want a fancy sit down: 

Leilani's- Go to the upstairs restaurant over the downstairs beach bar. Everything is delicious- I recommend any of the steak, fish, or chicken dishes. 

Kimo's on front street- Great view over the water and fun environment for families. Classic fish and steak dishes for a decent price. Try the "Hula Pie" (It's a great dessert to share between everyone). 

Sale Pepe- The BEST Italian food I've ever eaten- and I ate in Italy ;) The Pasta is so flavorful, fresh, and homemade. Authentic woodfired pizza, and yummy appetizers. Small, cozy atmosphere. Be sure to call ahead to make a reservation. Decent prices. 

Lahaina Grill- Voted best food on island. Perfect for a special evening with your sig. other. Only open for dinner, and you have to make a reservation well in advance. If you are a foodie who is willing to spend money for good food, this is for you. 

Mama's Fish House- Popular spot for a fancy dinner, with an unreal view. Save room for dessert. Located in the lovely town of Paia. 

Fleetwood's - With the most beautiful rooftop setting on Front Street, and the frequent local band playing, this is a date night to the max. Pricy, wide range of dishes. 

Luau- Old Lahaina or Drums of the Pacific at the Hyatt. 

| B E A C H E S | 

Napili Bay-  Next to Kapalua. We usually hit up both beaches in a day. Great place to snorkel with turtles.

Kapalua Bay - My favorite beach. Take the pathway and follow it all the way around to the dirt road and there is a stunning coastal walk. Along the way, you’ll see “cliff house” where locals hang out and jump off rocks.

Beaches off the side of the road in Olowalu- stop and park, have a picnic and hang out for the day. Shallow, and good for kids. 

Kaanapali Beach aka Black Rock - Tourist hot spot, but it's fun for an all day hangout with a lot going on. Great for snorkeling. If you want a quieter beach, go to the other side of black rock. 

Big Beach- Located in Wailea. Biggest and most beautiful beach on Maui. The water is insanely blue, but watch for big shore break. Great beach for walking, picnics, relaxing, and sunbathing, because there is usually a nice breeze. If you continue driving down the main road past the beach parking, you will see volcanic rock fields, and at the end there is another parking lot. Park, and follow the path for a beautiful walk around La Parouse. 

Slaughterhouse Beach- Part of Honolua Bay, with a nice sandy beach perfect for jumping in the waves, laying out, and building sand castles. If you continue driving past the beach entrance, you will find incredible cliff views, and cool landscape to photograph. There is a small fruit stand on the side of the road open until 2pm daily. They sell the largest/yummiest avocados I've ever seen. 

| A C T I V I T I E S | 

Trilogy Excursions- The sailing company Ryan worked for, and the most well known on Maui. The trip to Lanai is a little pricey but the best thing to do in my opinion. You get to sail, see another island that is so different looking, snorkel, eat, and explore. They are the only sailing company that has rights to be at the best beach I've ever been to, Hulopo'e Bay. All of the snorkel trips are a fun adventure, and a great way to spend a few hours. They do 2 hr. whale watches in the winter.

Drive up North, past Kapalua for half an hour. Park, and walk down to see the blow hole and the heart rock on the water. Gorgeous views, and cool little hikes all along the road. Do it on rented scooters for the best time of your life. Go to the top of Honolua Bay for sunset and pretty views. 

Banyon Tree - see one of the biggest trees on the island right on Front Street.  (Side Note: the ice cream shop next to it "Banyon Treats" has the best cookies of all time) 

Shopping- Check out the shops along Front Street. Don't forget see "Hale Zen" and "Going Left" on Dickenson St. They are the cutest Maui Boutiques. My favorite things to buy in Maui: prints from "Ono Gelato," Hawaiian inspired jewelry from "Sand People," Hawaiian "slippers" from any touristy store on Front St, trucker hats from "San Lorenzo" in Paia, coconut syrup from any "Whaler's", "Alola" clutch or bag from "Hale Zen," Surf treasures from "Puka Puka" in Paia, and clothes from "Imrie" in Paia. 

Hang out in Paia- My favorite little hippie town. Paia has some of the coolest boutiques and the best food. “Ho’okipa Beach” is a fun one to watch wind surfers and see turtles on the shore. 

Drive up to the top of Haleakala. We go for sunset because sunrise is way too early and it looks just as cool. At night, the stars are unreal up there. There is a bakery called Komoda's in Makawao (close to the bottom of haleakala) for really good donuts and malasadas.

Waihee Ridge Trail- gorgeous hike with cool mountain views, but it's mostly out in the open so go on a cool, clear day or early in the morning when it's cooler outside. Around 2 miles uphill. Bring lots of water! 

| R O A D  T O  H A N A | 

Here is the short version: It is a long drive, but I think its worth it (unless you get really car sick- I just bring Dramamine or ginger candy). Bring food with you because there isn’t much on the road (we usually stop at Mana Foods for some healthy snacks before we start the drive). Leave early in the morning because its a good 5-6 hours of driving for the day, with stops in between. 

Places to stop along the Road to Hana: (pick and choose because you can't do them all in a day)

Twin Falls- short 2 miles or so hike to multiple waterfalls. 

Three Bears Falls aka Upper Waikani Falls- off the side of the road. 

Black Sand Beach- a short 5 min. walk and a cool sight to see. 

Red Sand Beach - in the town of Hana, google how to get there. Its hidden, but really neat and quiet.

Seven Sacred Pools and the Bamboo Forrest Hike- Hike is 2 miles, but it is super easy with an amazing waterfall at the end. Pools are located by the coast, 5 minute walk from cars. Bring cash for parking. Really cool spot when the pools are flowing. 

Hamoa Beach- a local beach with gorgeous scenery, and good waves to play in, lots of shade. 

Brudduh Huts- along the side of the road, local food truck for some Hawaiian grub. 

*If you drive all the way around the island, instead of turning around in Hana, the landscape totally changes and its cool to see. I recommend it if you have time.  Stop at the general store if you do the whole way around. It’s a little ways past seven sacred pools. 

Maui is a dream. Treat the locals with respect and love, enjoy every moment, and take in all of the beauty around you. Maui No Ka Oi. 


Couldn't Stay Away...

We took any excuse to get back to our island paradise, Maui. When Ryan's friend needed a second shooter for a wedding in Maui, we jumped at the opportunity. It had been eight months too long! I wasn't going to let Ryan have all the fun, so I bought a ticket and we left a week later! We stayed in our friend's beachy bungalow, ate lots of fish tacos, took nightly bike rides to watch the sunset, and showered outside. I love the island life. Couldn't have a trip to Maui without a sail to Lanai. Ryan and I sailed over with friends, and took a speed dive boat out to see the backside of the island. Blue water, caves, huge rock cliffs, prime snorkeling- I love that you can take an hour boat ride to an island that is so unknown to so many, without tourists to ruin the beauty of the island. Ryan filmed, while I met with design clients. Talk about an amazing place to do business ;) 


Photos taken by myself & Ryan 

5 | 16 MIX TAPE

Aka, the Maui Beach Tunes. The kind of stuff that you listen to under the shade of a palm tree to drown out the tacky Hawaiian music coming from the hotel cabana. 

1 | I Can Be Somebody - Deorro

2 | Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

3 | Inside Out - The Chainsmokers 

4 | Runaway - Galantis

5 | Follow You - Cheat Codes 

6 | Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

7 | Alive - Sia 

8 | Spirits - The Stumbellas 

9 | Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

10 | Ophelia - The Lumineers

11 | The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala 

12 | Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

13 | California Kids - Weezer 

14 | I Took a Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner 

15 | Cheap Thrils - Sia 


You can listen to these tracks and more here

4 | 16 MIX TAPE

photo via the end collective

photo via the end collective

This ones a bit random, but that's why it's called a mix, right? There is some really fun things in here- I feel like it is a compilation of Ryan and I. If you make an overlapping chart with two circles, these are the songs that would fall in the middle. It starts out with some EDM, followed by some funky climbing vibes, and ends with some Neautral Milk Hotel music you'd sing loudly in the car. Happy April and Happy Birthday to Ryan and I! 

1 | Sun is Shining - Axwell Ingrosso

2 | Something New - Axwell Ingrosso

3 | Under Control - Calvin Harris 

4 | Reckless - Gareth Emery 

5 | Find Yourself - John O'Callaghan 

6 | I Don't Deserve You - Plumb

7 | Wild Style - Hockey

8 | Beach Holiday - Fort Lean 

9 | 1976 - RJD2

10 | While I'm Alive - STRFKR 

11 | Milk Tooth - RJD2

12 | In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

13 | King of Carrot Flower Pt. 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel

14 | Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel


Find it on my spotify here