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Welcome! I am a graphic designer, specializing in identity, print and digital design. I love all aspects of design, and I love talking about it ALL the time, so be my friend and let's get the creative juices flowing! I get heart eyed when I see beautiful typography on a sign, and branding that has meaning and purpose behind it. My job is to create designs that authentically represent a company or an individual, so getting to know people is part of the process. I love being able to get to know you, and then designing all the details to tell your story. Let's dream together and make things happen! 


Design has always been in my blood. With an architect father, and a mother who is a professional interior designer, I completed the design circle in our family when I took the graphic design route. Through my teen years, I read (or rather drooled over) a lot of home and architectural magazines. I would get magazine subscriptions for my birthday. After years of this, I realized what I loved even more than the beautiful designed homes in these pages, was all the details that make a magazine itself beautiful! How the magazine was laid out, how the size of the type played a crucial role in the focus of the page, or how the positioning of photos made a house even more appealing to the reader. I'd build scrapbook collages using the pictures from the magazines, and create my own layouts. I later learned in college classes that these things I noticed in the magazines and created in collages were design principles- composition, contrast, focus, typography. I fell in love with design in college. I took art classes that added to my ability to design, classes in identity design, motion graphics, typography, interaction design, and many more.  I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design in 2014. I have been freelancing ever since. I have big dreams for my future in the world of design, and I will embrace all the exciting things to come. 

what i do: 


Brand Creation
Brand Consultation
Marketing Collateral


Email + Social Media
Website + Blog Graphics


Print + Packaging
Photography + Styling

why should you hire a graphic designer?

Many of you probably look at something and think you can do it yourself. I'm here to tell you, it is never that easy. I believe that hiring a designer will greatly benefit you in the long run. Besides getting someone to do all the dirty work for you, you get someone who has been trained with skills to see things you might not see. They will be able to see the potential of a design, the finished product. A designer has an education in choosing the right colors that will sell a brand, or picking the perfect type that fits a brand's style. Understanding composition, layout, and how the little things greatly affect the bigger picture are all thoughts of a designer. You are paying for more than a logo, or your wedding invitation- you pay for someone specializing in design. As a designer, I love to give a client exactly what they want, but as a trained artist, I love when a client trusts me and the skills I have worked to obtain to see things differently than the ordinary person. My hope is to give you something with the feel of hand craft, but the look of an expert. Something that will last, and something that follows the design principles, not just the trends. Good design is an investment, and if done right, you will earn your money back quickly. 


Things that are organic and authentic, hand lettering, beautifully designed minimalism, cozy "cabin in the woods" getaways, spontaneous camping trips, family gatherings, clean modern lines, Anthropologie, the freedom of sailing on the open ocean, neutral tones, exploring, climbing, time unplugged with my husband, home decorating, modern art museums, flea markets, textiles and fabrics, french bakeries, catching the sunset, breakfast dates, styled dinner parties, beautifully executed photography, planning, bike rides, creating by hand, witty conversations, deep thoughts and I LOVE the coast. 

Do you want a fresh new look? Do you have a vision for your company? I would love to meet you, and discuss details! 

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